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This is one of the offical photographs taken on the occasion of the marriage of my father, Sidney Ernest Crutchley and my mother, Elsie May Bennett. My parents were married at St Paul's church in Wood Green near Wednesbury, their wedding took place on Saturday 2nd September 1967. St Paul's was chosen because the church was close to Mesty Croft, the area where my Mom grew up. St Paul's also had family connections for Mom.

A year after Mom and Dad were married, I was Christened at St Paul's, followed by my sister Yvonne and our little brother Mark. In 1993 I married my wife Tracey at this same church, I even rang the bells on our wedding day. In the years that followed, our three chidren, Lewis, Cory and Miles were all Christened at St Paul's. Our children were each Christened in the same linen robe that my sister, brother and I were Christened in a generation earlier. This robe, which remains in our family today, was also used for the Christening of my father and his siblings, being purchased by my grandparents in late 1930 for the Christening of their oldest child Ada Margaret Crutchley.

Sadly I lost my Mom on 21st July 2014, she was 84 years of age when she passed away.

The image below shows St Paul's in April 2008.

St Paul's

St Paul's, Wood Green, Wednesbury.

28th April 2008