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In addition to the data displayed elsewhere on this website, by clicking the images below, you can download free of charge a substantial amount of the Crutchley Family history data that I have collected since my research began.

In order to download each of the files, you will need a password. This necessary security is designed to ensure the files are available only to those with a genuine interest in genealogy. To obtain the password please sign my guest book, leave your e-mail address and ask for the password. I will send it to you quickly.

Once you have received the password, return to this page and click on each image, and enter the user name and password when prompted to do so.

All of the data files are provided as compressed ZIP files, they can be unzipped using the software built in to Microsoft Windows, or you can use a program as such as Winzip to extract them. If you do not have this program, you can download it for free if you visit www.winzip.com.

Currently there are seven sets of data available for you to download and use for your own family history research:

1. The Crutchley Family Database

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing data from a number of different sources. It has data relating to individuals, most of whom I have yet to link to my own family tree. The data is taken from records of baptisms, burials, marriages, census returns and family member recollections. A significant number of the records included are from online sources.

I have collected the large part of the data myself, but a significant amount has been kindly submitted by people also researching the Crutchley surname around the World. I have additional data that I will add to the database in the future, so please visit this site again for updates.

Please also help me to increase the size of the database by sending me your own data for inclusion. If you have data to share with other researchers, please sign my guest book and let me know. Please leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you.

2. The Crutchley Family GEDCOM file

GEDCOM is a standard file format used for exchanging information between genealogy programs. The acronym GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. The Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church - The Mormons) developed the GEDCOM standard some years ago. You can use GEDCOM files to transfer information into almost any genealogy program which supports the GEDCOM file format.

The GEDCOM file available for download below contains my entire family tree to date. Over 350 individuals records dating back as far as 1693. Please download the file, which is provided in GEDCOM format 5.5, and access it using your own genealogy software.

3. Ruth's Data

This data was provided by a supporter of this site called Ruth Davis from California. The file is provided in Rich Text Format (.rtf), which can be viewed with Microsoft Word or other word processing software. It contains a large amount of data relating to the Crutchley branch of Ruth's family who are originally from Shenstone, Staffordshire, UK and various parts of the USA.

4. The West Archive

This is a major downloadable data source regarding the Crutchley family in Shropshire, UK from 1700 onwards. It comprises family tree charts, a limited number of photographs and other useful research data. It also contains some information on Crutchley relatives who lived in Staffordshire. There are a total of three data files contained in a single zip file download, the following is a summary of the contents of each file:

# Data file 1: Contains details of the Crutchley family living in the Shropshire and Staffordshire region.

# Data file 2: Contains further details about the Crutchley family resident in Shropshire.

# Data file 3: Contains documents relating to the Crutchley family living in Staffordshire, and in particular the town of Stoke-on-Trent.

5. The Jervis Gedcom File

The Jervis gedcom file was kindly donated by Dr Graham Jervis. It contains the details of over a hundred individuals, including about seventy bearing the Crutchley surname. These records originate from the English Midlands and date from 1810 onwards. The file is in GEDCOM format 5.5.

6. A Report On The Genealogy Of The Crutchley Family

This report contains the details of the majority of the Crutchley ancestors I have identified in my research to date. The report contains the details of no less than three hundred and forty three of my ancestors who lived between 1693 and the present day. Included in the report are the details of the births, marriages, occupations and deaths of many of the individuals listed. This report should prove to be a substantial and extremely valuable resource for anyone tracing their Crutchley roots.

7. The Crutchley Family Tree

This is my own family tree, containing the details of Crutchley family from the English Midlands as far back as 1693. The majority of those who feature on the tree are from the towns of Bloxwich, Walsall, Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley. This family tree also contains the details of related individuals, representing many years of genealogical research.

This family tree is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file and can be easily interrogated by zooming in on the tree image. The tree itself is too large for printing.

8. The Crutchleys Of Eccleshall

This fascinating report contains data on the Crutchley family living in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, UK between 1820 and 1920. The report was kindly provided by Mr Chris Mason, and is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file.

9. Crutchley Burials In Manchester

A summary of Crutchley burials in Manchester between 1881 and 1986. This data is presented as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and was very kindly compiled by June Friend.

Please respect the sensitivity of all of the data provided here and use it only for the purposes of genealogical research.


Crutchley Family Database

Version 7.50, 10/11/2006


Crutchley Family Gedcom File

Issue 8.00, 30/11/2016


Ruth's data

More Crutchley Genealogy Data

Issue Date 12/10/200

West Data

The West Archive

Issue Date 30/01/2003




The Jervis gedcom file

Issue Date 28/09/2003




A report on the genealogy of the Crutchley family

Issue Date 18/05/2005



The Crutchley family tree

Issue Date 11/10/2005



The Crutchleys of Eccleshall

Issue Date 19/09/2007



Crutchleys burials in Manchester

Issue Date 01/07/2008