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The ‘History of the Crutchley Family’ web site is a family history resource available to anyone researching the surname Crutchley. The original purpose of the site which first went online in 2000, was to be a showcase for my own genealogical research. To this end the site now contains information relating to over three centuries of the history of my own branch of the Crutchley family. Of course from the outset I also hoped to unearth new information relating to my own family by opening my research to a wider audience. In this personal respect the web site has been a great success.

Since it’s creation the ‘History of the Crutchley Family’ web site has grown significantly and has changed dramatically in it’s intended purpose. As a direct result of the positive responses I have received from visitors to the site, it is now fast becoming a repository for genealogical information relevant to the Crutchley family around the globe. This information is mainly contained in the ‘downloads’ area of the web site, and can be freely downloaded.Currently a significant proportion of the information available on the web site is provided by visitors to the site. My visitors who return many times, donate their information for the benefit of others researching the history of their own branch of the Crutchley family. I am constantly uploading my own genealogical information, but today the site’s continued growth relies largely on visitors who generously donate their own research material for the benefit of others. New and returning visitors to the ‘History of the Crutchley Family’ are encouraged to donate their own Crutchley genealogy information, so that it can be made available online. In the past this approach has proved popular with site users, and has united researchers around the world who have interests in the same branch of the Crutchley family. Anyone who has information they wish to make available at the ‘History of the Crutchley Family’ web site can contact me by signing the guest book.The ‘History of the Crutchley Family’ web site remains a completely free resource for all those researching the surname Crutchley. All I ask is that visitors please respect the sensitivity of all the information provided here, and use it only for the purposes of genealogical research.

Enjoy your family’s history!

Gary S. Crutchley