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All Saints Church viewed over the rooftops of Bloxwich, 28/12/2020.

The video clips and photographs presented on this page provide a glimpse of the town of Bloxwich as it is today. The two videos presented below show All Saints, the parish church of Bloxwich, the cenotaph, High Street and many other aspects of the town. The photographs also included below show various locations in and around Bloxwich.

Although Bloxwich is much changed compared to the town with which my Victorian ancestors would have been familiar, many of the buildings do retain some of their nineteenth century character. The town's shopping centre offers a good range of shops for its size, with some good pubs and restaurants. Bloxwich's parks remain very popular with locals.

The video below was captured on 2nd January 2021.

The following short video is older, having been created on 7th January 2001.



The following photographs show places of note around and about Bloxwich.

All Saint's, Bloxwich

All Saint's, Parish Church Of Bloxwich, High Street, Bloxwich, Sunday 3rd February 2008.


Railway station

Bloxwich Railway Station, Bloxwich, Saturday 3rd November 2018.


Wallington Heath

Wallington Heath Pool, Bloxwich, Friday 6th March 2020.


All Saints

All Saint's, Parish Church Of Bloxwich, High Street, Bloxwich, Sunday 9th March 2014.


Izaak Walton Pool

Izaak Walton Pool , Bloxwich, Monday 8th June 2020.


Promenade Gardens

The Promenade Gardens, High Street, Bloxwich, Saturday 9th February 2013.



The fountain, Promenade Gardens, High Street, Bloxwich, Monday 29th March 2020.


Yieldfields Hall

Yieldfields Hall, Stafford Road, Bloxwich, Friday 23rd May 2014.


Bloxwich Showman

The Bloxwich Showman, High Street, Bloxwich, Saturday 24th January 2015.


Bloxwich Police Station

Bloxwich Police Station, Station Road, Bloxwich, Sunday 16th September 2012.


Wyrley & Essington Canal

Wyrley & Essington Canal, Fryers Road, Bloxwich, Wednesday 25th November 2020.