Black Country Genealogy







This historic image was kindly given to me by a close relative. The lady crouching on the left in this summer seaside scene from the past is my grandmother Ada Crutchley (1908-2005). The child on the right is Ada's daughter, my aunt Margaret (1930-2009), the oldest child of Ada and my grandfather, Sidney. Judging by Margaret's age, this captivating photographic memory can have been recorded no later than the summer of 1935. Certainly, my grandmother's clothing looks strongly reminiscent of 1930's fashion, another pointer to the great age of this image.

There is no record of the location of the beach Ada and Margaret are enjoying in this sunny scene, and no landmarks visible to identify it either. However, given that Ada and Sidney spent most of the holidays they could afford in Rhyl, a North Wales location is most likely. Another possibility is Blackpool, the Lancashire seaside town so popular with generations of Black Country folk.