Lycett, John (male)
Father1921Lycett, John
Mother31 Mar 1922Crutchley, Nellie

Christine (female)

Family of Lycett, John & Christine
Marriage27 Feb 1964Unknown
GirlUnknownLycett, Vanessa Anne
GirlUnknownLycett, Rachel Elizabeth
BoyUnknownLycett, Paul John

Lycett, John (male)
FatherUnknownLycett, Frank

Crutchley, Nellie (female)
Father16 Nov 1883Crutchley, James Ernest
Mother1885Duckhouse, Isabella
Birth31 Mar 1922Unknown

Family of Lycett, John & Crutchley, Nellie
Marriage1 Aug 1942Unknown
BoyUnknownLycett, John

Lycett, Frank (male)

Family of Lycett, Frank
Boy1921Lycett, John