August 19th 2004 marked the 60th anniversary of the death of Thomas Henry Crutchley, in the battle to liberate the Calvados village of Putot en Auge.

On August 19th 2004, a poppy wreath and a posy of white roses was placed on Thomas's grave in the churchyard at Putot en Auge. The wreath was laid on behalf of the Crutchley family by Mr Terry Sands. The following is an image of Thomas Henry Crutchley's grave on August 19th.

On Remembrance Sunday, November 14th 2004, a poppy cross was placed at the cenotaph in Bloxwich, Thomas Crutchley's home town. The cross was placed in memory of Thomas Henry Crutchley by Cory Mark Crutchley, aged three years. Cory Crutchley is the first cousin, three times removed of Thomas Henry Crutchley. The following is an image of the cross placed at Bloxwich cenotaph.
The Crutchley family would like to express it's gratitude to Mr Terry Sands for purchasing flowers, placing them on for Thomas Henry Crutchley's grave and for providing photographs.