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These are the awards that my web site has received for it's design and content

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Please note: All of the web sites listed on the awards page have been checked and every effort has been made to ensure that the information displayed on them is both current and inoffensive. However,'The history of the Crutchley family' web site cannot take responsibility for the content of external Internet sites.

Seasons of Change

Your site, 'The history of the Crutchley family'
has been chosen as a Silver Winner of the Seasons of Change Award for February 2006. I enjoyed visiting your site.

Art Space 2000

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.

February 2006

Tarje Grover family web site - Heritage award for genealogical websites

Thank you for the opportunity to visit your wonderful website! The wealth of information and wonderful photos are presented in a way that it really brings your family to life. I'm sure the Crutchley family appreciates your effort to provide this wonderful home on the internet!

October 2003

Thank you for inviting me to visit your genealogy site. WOW! Your site
is wonderful. The layout and design are very professional. Your hard work on the site and all your genealogical research are very well reflected. I love all your old family photos! I am honored to present you with GenQuest's Award of Excellence.

Serena's Family Tree

Dear Gary, thank you so much for applying for Serena's Family Tree Genealogy Award! Your site is wonderful! It has all the ingredients of a GREAT Genelaogy site, informative, historical, photos, & your willingness to share your family with others! I really enjoyed your site and the layout was nice also, very easy to navigate. Thank you again Gary, your contribution to the Genealogy Community on the internet is appreciated and valuable to many researchers. Serena


You have a wonderful site!! I loved the stories and photos. I would like to present you with my Award for Genealogy Excellence! Thank you for sharing your family! Kathy Hamby

Journey of the Heart Award

Wall Family Tree Homepage

Congratulations!  Because your genealogy site shows the love and hard work you have put into searching your history, and helping others with theirs, we are pleased to award you our Journey of the Heart Award. Thank you for applying and again, congratulations!  You have done a wonderful job.   Sincerely, Leslie

Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage Award of Excellence

Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage

Congratulations, Gary ! Your site has been successfully nominated for Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage Award of Excellence. It met all the criteria taken into account when giving the award. I enjoyed visiting your site; you have clearly put a substantial amount of time and effort into providing a wealth of resource information for researchers with an interest in the surname Crutchley. Your site is very well presented and I am certain it will prove an invaluable resource to researchers. Keep up the great work!

Best regards

Leith Hutton, May 2002

Genealogy Park

Congratulations Gary!

Had a great time looking over your site. What a wonderful place you have! Lots of genealogy information for others to enjoy. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put your information online for everyone. We are very pleased to award you the Genealogy Park Award for Excellence

Barb & Ruth, April 2002.

Nu-Horizons Design Studio - Canada


Ancestry Connections

Alan's Genealogy

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The Blue Ribbon Website Award

Golden Web Award 2001

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