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This shop, which once sold a wide range of general goods, was situated at the corner of Alfred Street and Elmore Green Road in Bloxwich. I have not yet found a direct link to my branch of the Crutchley family, but Alfred Street is very close to New Street where some of my ancestors were living at the time that this photograph was taken.

The lady in the photograph was called Nellie Crutchley (nee Starkey). She was married to Harry Crutchley who was the proprietor of the shop in Alfred Street.

The child is Freda Crutchley, who was born on February 9th, 1910 in the rooms above the shop. Sadly, Freda died from Broncho Pnuemonia on February 26th, 1914.

Alfred Street, Bloxwich 2008

Alfred St, Bloxwich

This is the same corner of Alfred Street in Bloxwich, where Crutchley's General Stores once stood. Crutchley's General Stores itself has long since been demolished, but no other buildings have ever been erected on the site it once occupied. This photograph was taken on Sunday 6th January 2008.

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